Functional Cleaning Cloths

Silvery Scrubbing Cloth

It is produced from 80% polyester 20% polyamide yarn. It is produced weighing 320GSM to 380GSM. A pattern is created with a special knitting technique. It has a very stylish posture with a silvery appearance. Polyamide is made more active by using special staining technique. It has a very high water draw feature and a quick drying structure. 8 different sizes are produced. We can produce different colors and sizes for special production demands.

Hard Dirt and Oil Cleaning Cloth

Manufactured with nano technology to clean up demanding oils and demanding impurities. It is produced from 80% polyester 20% polyamide yarn. 20% polyamide percentage with special dyeing technique is made even more active and high quality also provides use. Cleans dirty surfaces easily. Thanks to its easy-to-clean structure, it is produced both in our homes and for industrial use. The desired color, size, gram can also be produced.

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