About Us


In 2015, it started to produce microfiber cloths, which it has created and marketed its production line by focusing on its investments. First, it showed its strength in the industry by producing glass cloths that do not leave traces and stains.

Our company, which closed its marketing operation in 2017 and focused only on production, has moved towards becoming a fully integrated facility with the latest technology production equipment.

Silver Home, Technolog brands in the sector with 40 different products in the leading position with our company besides our brand products in private label Productions has achieved success on the way to becoming the largest manufacturer in Turkey.

In 2020, all operations from yarn to full product started to be carried out in our integrated facilities by including the dye house plant in its growth by weighing its investments.

All operations, including the construction and maintenance of all machines in our production line, are carried out with our expert technical staff. All of our facilities continue to operate with full automation. In this way, we create a fast production line and prevent all errors that may occur.

Today, our production capacity with 10.000m2 area fabric production, garment, packaging department, 4000m2 Dyehouse Department has reached 10 million microfiber cloth and 450 tons fabric production per month.

We continue our path as the main supplier of many brands around the world while carrying out our production and sales in domestic and foreign markets with our Silver Home brand.


As a company that produces the highest quality product in the world, we have a mission to protect fast production, reasonable price and customer satisfaction with our rich product range.


Our silver Home brand is the only proven brand in Turkey and the world, we have a vision for ourselves.

We produce the world’s highest quality cleaning cloths for you..